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机器智能研究组 (Machine Intelligence Group)

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    介绍:Multimodal information has been widely applied in various real-world computer vision applications, such as human–computer interaction, healthcare (including disease diagnosis), autonomous vehicles, and emotion recognition, and trending techniques have been successfully applied to solve these problems. This Special Issue aims to collect cutting-edge research at the intersection of computer science and multimodal information processing, and explores advancements in visual recognition and generation. From large-model-guided vision interpretation to diffusion-model-based image and video generation, we aim to leverage cutting-edge technologies to address the challenges present in these research fields.



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1. ICCCM2022特邀报告“Deep Learning based Micro-Expression Recognition”。报告视频报告PPT

2. EMG肌电信号动作识别技术报告(2022.8.9)

3. 如何写小论文。


1. 一种人体体型重构的方法及装置。宫文娟,王志超,李华昱,龚安。104732585B

2. 一种基于智能实时视频云的运动目标跟踪方法。张卫山,段鹏程,宫文娟,卢清华,李忠伟。105719313B

3. 基于快速区域卷积神经网络的城市车辆追踪方法。张卫山,赵德海,李忠伟,宫文娟,卢清华。105868691A

4. 一种基于深度学习的行人精细化识别方法及装置。张卫山,王志超,徐亮,赵德海,李忠伟,卢清华,宫文娟,宫法明。106845415A

5. 一种基于光流定位和滑动窗口检测的多人姿态识别方法。宫法明,李翛然,宫文娟,朱朋海。106611157A